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Word Worthy

Welcome to WordWorthy


One part word-finding game and one part slide-tile puzzle - WordWorthy will have you hooked.

Highlight adjoining letter squares on the game-board to identify words.

Letter squares can be connected horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally.

One missing square on the grid lets you shift letters around the board to form longer and worthier words.

WordWorthy will never waste your time!

Find our advanced vocabulary "Challenge" words to progress levels. You'll improve your spelling, strategy skills, and learn some new words to freshen up your vocabulary.

They say you learn something new everyday, we say you should learn something new every time you PLAY!

About Us

Founded in 2012 by Joseph Gatto and Mercedes Grundy, 1018 Studios Inc. is an independent company dedicated to developing mobile applications and digital content with a focus on fresh design and usability to engage and entertain our players. And why not learn something while you play, too? We throw in a little education to keep you sharp (see those thrilling challenge words in WordWorthy).

We would love to hear what you think about our first game creation, WordWorthy.

WordWorthy Launches on iTunes App Store!

Ten Eighteen Studios Inc. releases WordWorthy game app for iOS, fusing educational and strategy game genres for hours of addictive wordplay.

TORONTO - Canadian indie app company Ten Eighteen Studios Inc. announced Tuesday the launch of their first game, WordWorthy. Available now for iPhone on the iTunes App Store, WordWorthy is an exciting new take on word games, combining a slide-tile puzzle with word-building action.

Players find and build words in a grid of random letters by selecting adjacent letters. One empty letter square allows players to re-arrange the letters on the board to spell longer and "worthier" words. The worthier the word, the better the score. Armed letter squares and stone letter squares pop up when players get lazy - spelling too many three-letter words or the same word too many times. It's game over when a player doesn't make a word with the armed letter square before its timer runs out.



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